Independent business valuations are crucial when you need to assess the value of a business. A professional valuator’s expertise is needed in cases of marital separation, buying or selling a business, developing a succession plan, or litigating a shareholder dispute.

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Our team of Chartered Business Valuation professionals has earned a reputation in the industry for providing objective, comprehensive, and well-reasoned valuation reports.

Our services: Business valuation

We provide valuations for a variety of purposes, including:

Marital separation valuations

  • Business and stock options valuations
  • Assessment of income for support purposes
  • Tax and foreign exchange implications of cross-border support arrangements
  • Tracing of funds
  • Assessments of shareholder loans and contingent income taxes

Shareholder disputes & buyouts

  • Sale to existing shareholders/ management groups or third parties
  • Minority interest valuation
  • Oppression remedy cases

Income tax, estate & succession planning

  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Shareholder estate planning
  • Business valuations for succession planning
  • Deemed dispositions on the death of a shareholder

When required, we provide expert witness testimony, critiques of opposing experts’ reports, assistance with examinations for discovery, and expert cross-examination at trial.

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Business Valuations insights

Understanding Redundant Assets

Bruce Roher • August 12, 2019

When assessing the value of a business, it’s important to be able to understand and identify redundant assets. Even though redundant assets are often misunderstood, such assets can have a material impact on the value of the business.

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Readying Your Business for Sale: Preparation and Professionalization

Fuller Landau Team • August 06, 2019

With a significant portion of the population approaching retirement age, the number of owners contemplating the sale of their business is greater than ever. However, the process of selling your business is considerably more complex than one might think. There is a great deal of preparation involved to ensure the value of your business is

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Why Income Analysis is Important in a Divorce

Bruce Roher • June 10, 2019

In a divorce, it is necessary to understand the income levels of the spouses for purposes of determining the amount of child and spousal support. Business ownership can often complicate this assessment because a business owner has an opportunity to pay personal expenses and also may leave funds in a business that could otherwise be

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