When a business is in financial distress you have to act quickly and decisively to improve creditor confidence, revive the company, and provide a foundation for future success. We’ll give you the straightforward advice you need to make fast, smart decisions and we’ll create pragmatic solutions that address stakeholder concerns.

Selected active engagements.

Who we work with

We work closely with lenders, investors, lawyers, and business owners involved with companies in transitional, operational, or financial stress.

Our experience

Take a look at our role and highlights of our service in a number of projects that reflect our wide range of industry and unique engagements.

How we help

Our highly responsive team will bring stability and peace of mind. We’re here for you to:

Perform in-depth business viability assessments and conduct cash flow, profit improvement, and creditor risk analyses

Consult & advise
Develop strategic turnaround plans and monitor ongoing performance.

Identify and implement practical strategies to alleviate operational and financial difficulties.

Manage & administer
Carry out formal insolvency appointments and act as court appointed officer and Licensed Insolvency Trustee for CCAA and BIA proceedings.

Our team

Fuller Landau’s Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency team is made up of the following:

  • Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CIRPs)
  • Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs)

Our team draws on the expertise of our other in-house advisors such as Corporate Finance, Valuation, fraud and Forensic Accounting, and Tax. Additionally, we are active members of the Turnaround Management Association.

Our services

Assess, consult & advise

  • Viability assessment and strategic turnaround plans
  • Cash flow and profit improvement analysis
  • Security and collateral assessments
  • Distressed M&A and corporate finance


  • Financial and operation diagnostic assessment
  • Options assessment
  • Management assistance and support
  • Assessing financing needs, including sourcing alternative capital

Manage & administer

  • Interim receiver
  • Private or court-appointed receiver
  • Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Court appointed monitor
  • Court appointed liquidator
  • Court appointed sales officer
  • Court appointed information officer
  • OBCA inspector

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